Niki is a rising sophomore studying Political Science, Philosophy, and Human Rights. This summer at Aarti Home was her first time travelling to a different continent and engaging in NGO work.


This video is a small compilation of some special moments I was able to capture on camera. It doesn’t capture the jokes shared, the obstacles faced, nor the heartfelt stories I heard but it does hold some of the souls I had the honor of getting to know and love these two months.

These two months brought up many questions I don’t know will ever be answered. I never became fluent in Telugu–not even conversational. But despite this, I had full blown conversations with my host family that usually ended with tears in my eyes from so much laughter as we share our backgrounds and quirks through Telugu phrases and English nonsense and lots of exuberant body gestures. I experienced moments of solidarity with the people there and I learned to listen hard. My time with the resilient girls, the patient staff, the huge Aarti network, my impeccable boss, my fellow interns, and my unforgettable host family will forever make up some of my fondest memories. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the lighter moments of my time in Kadapa.

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