We work with 2 partner organizations in India, AGN School and Aarti Home. These incredible organizations work locally in the community to support youth, education, and gender equality.

AGN School
Location: Konganapuram, Tamil Nadu
Primary Language: Tamil (school administrators speak proficient English and all children are instructed in English)
Background: AGN is a school of approximately 2500 students, in the heart of Tamil Nadu, halfway between Salem and Erode. About 50 students board at the school; the rest come from the nearby villages.
Summer Project: The teachers and administration are all very flexible and welcoming to any projects volunteers wish to undertake. Volunteers will work with all grade levels (K-12). During the spring, volunteers will develop workshops to implement over the summer to grades K-12. The workshops should model interactive teaching and emphasize creative and critical thinking. Volunteers will live in a guest house on the AGN campus.

Aarti Home
Location: Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh
Primary Language: Telegu (school administrators speak proficient English and all children are instructed in English)
Background: Aarti For Girls is an Indian NGO that works at the grassroots level to provide social, economic, and infrastructural help to underprivileged women and children in the rural parts of Andhra Pradesh. This organization started out as a shelter for abandoned girls but has grown to become a place for the advancement of both abused women and children. Aarti provides a home and a school for abandoned girls (and a few boys) while also providing vocational skills workshops and life skills classes for women.
Summer Project: Volunteers support Aarti by helping raise domestic and international awareness of the cause. This is done by aiding in grant writing, organizing programs and workshops, and helping with administrative tasks. There will be interaction with the children, but the foundation is more focused on tasks that lie outside of the classroom. You will work directly with the head of the institution and other influential women in the area to directly impact the women’s rights movement in that region.